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Calling All Investors 

Supra Design prepares for investment opportunities from angel investors.


By miss supra
Vogue Feature of Supra Design work

Who is Supra Design

Supra Design LTD was founded by Rumcy Supra in 2020. We offer luxury and innovative interior architecture and design (IA&D), a niche design service to the residential, hotel and restaurant market.

What do we offer?

We offer internal structural, technical and design services. IA&D benefits include maximising the use of space, enhancing timeless design and attracting higher ROI.

How will we achieve it?

Leads come through social platforms, newsletters, networking, trade-show participation and repeat business or word of mouth. Creations at Supra Design are bespoke, and the service quality is uncompromisable, leaving our clients fulfilled.

Awards & Recognition:

Supra Design was featured in British Vogue magazine twice last year in the hospitality editorials whilst exhibiting at the London Excel. We were also recognised by Prestigious Awards for best interior architecture and design studio in South East, for running and offering design services during the pandemic.

Our Goal and Investment Plans

With an effective business development strategy, Supra Design has built business relations with corporate firms whilst continuing to serve the private residential industry. Marketing IA&D brought recognition to Supra Design, standing out from competitors by promoting the benefits of our niche service. Furthermore, part of our growth plans to increase overheads in correlation to the rise in leads and scope of work is necessary for Supra Design’s future expansion plans.