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Supra Design is a West Sussex business and was awarded last week ‘Best Interior Architecture & Design Studio in South England’ by Prestige Awards!

By Supra Design Team
British Vogue - Oct Issue 2021

We are excited to announce our award by the Prestige Award, which recognised our efforts and ability to spot opportunities and supply successful design solutions to private and business clients in the residential and commercial industries.

During the difficult times as any business encountered, Supra Design suffered a loss of business and faced obstacles during the beginning of COVID 19 lockdown. What may have seemed in the moment an unfortunate start for a start-up business journey for Supra Design formed early 2020, a year and a half years later, was rewarded for the late nights, early morning and continuous faith by our client in the team and business.

As the end of 2021 approaches, Supra Design is proud to receive this award and promises to continue growing, and become the greatest at what our practice does best! And that is designing spaces that are No Ordinary! 

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