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 Many are not that familiar with the profession, Interior Architecture. It’s a niche service and differs from interior design, yet confused with interior architecture. Below we have shared a simple definition:


“An interior architect designs building interior and space planning, while an interior designer focuses on the actual furnishings and decoration.”  – Google

Now that the above clarifies the roles between the two occupations. Let’s begin to discuss why you should hire an interior architect.

An interior architect is the first point of contact for a client and manages turnkey projects. A qualified professional with a wealth of industry experience can run a project from start to finish smoothly, which includes hiring a team of relevant professionals.

Below is a list of service provisions, an interior architect can supply:

  • Consultation
  • Technical Design Packages – ‘Developed from architects and structural engineer’s drawings’
  • Design Developments – If the interior architect is also a designer, conceptual designs are supplied too.
  • Procurement
  • Project Management

An interior architect can balance spatial design, structure and arrangements when curating bespoke schemes for building inside out. It’s their biggest asset and an economic benefit for the client when working on larger scale projects.


“Interior architecture is a process by which the interiors of buildings are designed to address all aspects of the human use of their structural spaces.” – Wikipedia

Let’s summarise the above by sharing the pros and cons of hiring an interior architect:


  • Remove the hassle of running a project from start to completion.
  • Organises and structures the project considering the client brief and budget.
  • Acquires extensive knowledge in architecture, interior design, as well as construction materials and methods of fitting. Therefore, supplies with a balanced design scheme.
  • Leads the project being the main point of contact when liaising with the client and other professionals from initial through to completion of a project.


  • These professionals are not economical to hire
  • Finding the right interior architect who understands the brief and style for the client. 


Our advice to avoid the cons is to do due diligence on the company and ensure the future vision of the project aligns between the two parties during the initial communication phase.

We hope you have understood the benefits of hiring an interior architect for your project. Supra Design is an interior architect and design studio and are happy to answer further queries concerning the above article.

If you are interested in finding out more about our services, please visit our contact page.


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