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We did it again! This time with the talented and stunning British musician Adele on the front cover. Our soon-to-be-launching restaurant project Delhi Wala with a striking interior remodel was featured on Vogue Nest.


By miss supra
British Vogue - Oct Issue 2021

Once again, we had the opportunity to feature Supra Design project in the famous and British Vogue. Featuring the famous Adele making her comeback into the music industry. If you haven’t already seen her latest interview with Vogue – It is not one to miss! 


For the second feature, we published our latest hospitality interior design project, Delhi Wala. Converting a sweet and savoury store into a contemporary Indian restaurant. 


As always with most of our projects, we are launching a photoshoot and video shoot of Project Delhi Wala very soon. If you are not following us on Instagram, do not miss out on our daily journey of completing up-to-date projects and announcement on Instagram.

Project Delhi Wala Journal on IG



Explore November issue content on the British Vogue linked below:

British Vogue November 2021 Issue Blog post & Exclusive Interview with Adele




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