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Trend Report 2022 – 23

Residential Design

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As we approach Autumn, businesses and homeowners are preparing for change. Change impacted by the economic crisis, social change that caused homeowner longing for privacy and change that is forcing sustainability into the design and construction industry.

The above summarises research from The Future Laboratory, WSGN and personal discussions and feedback with industry professionals.


1. Natural material and earthy tones promotes cosy interiors


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More homeowners see the beauty in nature and want to incorporate it into their homes. Warmer palettes such as spicy taupe, sage green and coffee brown replace the usual neutral tones to achieve a comfortable setting. Natural design decor like bamboo-made furniture, decoration and green plants are additional features to embrace nature inside homes. 


Where to incorporate this in homes? 

Social spaces like living room, kitchen or snug area.


2. Minimalist Essential


Malabar Artistic Furniture

Less is more, and statement pieces become preferred options at home. This could be a human-size sculpture, neotenic furniture or large-size artwork. We foresee this trend continuing to grow into 2023.

How to achieve a minimalist interior?

Anywhere where mess or clutter exists needs downsizing. Introduce larger pieces of furniture, décor or statement pieces that grab attention. Bonus if the wall colour is one-tone colour.


3. Eco-friendly Home Design


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The trend was forced instead of adopted into the market to adapt to the current energy bill and building supply crisis. It especially applies to home renovation or new build projects where working alongside qualified interior architects and contractors to achieve a green home is more cost-effective in the long term.

How do we achieve eco-friendly design? 

Hire a qualified interior architect and contractor to achieve a sustainable design. Look out for previous experience or green qualifications. Get in touch with us, if you have a sustainable project enquiry.


4. Seclusive Design


Interior Addict Image credit

We recently saw a high volume of designs for private rooms in homes. No, we are not talking 50 shades style. However, the interior theme is not far off Mr Grey’s home design, that’s private and personal. A rise in darker colour palettes and furniture pieces is welcomed by homeowners. The design choice adds personality, privacy to the dedicated space and detachment from social life. It is especially true with social platforms playing a big part in humanity’s lives, craving for solitude. 

Where can seclusive design be incorporated?

Bedrooms, cinema rooms and library. Even social areas give a private and exclusive feel.


5. Neoentic Style


Beton Brut Sofa

The child-like design in matured form is what best describes Neoentic Designs. It has taken popularity in the hospitality industry, now passed down to the residential market. Neoentic style is favoured in wall features and furniture designs that consist of soft and curved edges that bring a nostalgic and positive sense to its interior. Many have questioned the comfort of these seatings. Our advice is to test them out before buying if in doubt.


Comment below your thoughts and other trends emerging in the residential market.


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